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Tailored Connectivity Solutions and Voice Services

Effective, efficient, reliable communication is key to the success of any business’ operations. That’s why, at Calder IT, we deliver high-quality connectivity and voice services that keep you communicating and collaborating seamlessly.

With Calder IT, staying connected has never been easier.

Calder IT, your premium connectivity partners

In the fast-paced modern workplace, an efficient and stable connection is essential to maintaining productivity, driving collaboration and streamlining communication. Calder IT’s connectivity and voice expertise can help you maintain a lightning-fast connection, that’s secure and reliable too.

Start revolutionising your business’ communication, today. 

To supply our customers with the best possible solutions, Calder IT partners with premium connectivity and voice providers. We understand that every business is different, so we tailor our connectivity and voice services to your specific needs.

Are you ready to transform your communication?

Seamless communication is the key to business success

Explore the many benefits of our connectivity solutions and voice services.

Save money

Poor broadband connection, slow internet speeds, temporary outages…all these factors limit your productivity and ultimately cost you money. With our connectivity solutions your internet connection will not only be efficient and stable, but it will never impact your bottom line.

Eliminate work interruptions

Inefficient internet connections and sub-par phone services can severely affect your team’s potential to communicate, collaborate and get things done. Calder IT’s connectivity solutions and voice services will significantly reduce interruptions to your work, and help keep your team on track.

Improve service quality

Our connectivity and voice services provide you with clearer connections, faster capabilities and the flexibility to work on the go. This helps you to offer your clients the best possible working experience, without limitations.

Strengthen network security

Because we understand that the connection is only part of the solution, we also offer Firewall solutions to complement the connectivity speeds you require, and protect your network from attack.

Increase efficiency

Your fast-paced business needs an internet connection to match. From high-speed lease lines to super quick broadband connections, Calder IT can offer your business a range of connectivity solutions that will improve the efficiency of your company.

Streamline communication

How effective can your business actually be without strong communication? Calder IT’s range of bespoke voice and connectivity solutions ensure that you are always in touch, in the loop and in the know, wherever you may be.

Our connectivity solutions and voice services

Broadband services

We offer a range of broadband services, including ADSL 2, FTTC and FTTP. Whatever form of connection your business needs, we can provide it at the highest speeds.

High-speed leased lines

If you need uninterrupted, private internet connection, we can supply it. We can provide leased lines from 10Mbps over 100Mbps bearer right through to 10Gbps, as well as wireless leased line solutions.

Managing relationships

We have agreements with the major connectivity providers to ensure we can get the right product for you at the best price. Plus, we partner with one of the UK’s leading Cloud Voice Providers to deliver voice solutions for small businesses.

Hosted Teleco Voice 

Connect and collaborate in the best way for your business: through voice, video, IM or more. We use Call Switch for Hosted Teleco Voice to facilitate these innovative ways of connecting. 

Physical handsets 

We specialise in helping small businesses stay connected. However, small your business is, we can help, with the ability to provide physical phone handsets for 1 to 25 users. 

Soft calls 

We can install soft phones on your mobile devices or computers, enabling you to answer your business calls even when you’re on the move. 

The Benefits of Working with Calder IT

Experience & expertise

When working with Calder IT you’ll get a team of fully trained and experienced IT experts. Solving our clients’ IT problems with our latest IT solutions is our area of expertise and what we do best. Our IT experts are always up to date on the latest software and updates in the digital world.


The relationships with our clients are built on trust. You can have full confidence to rely on Calder IT to be there when you need us. We’ll ensure there’s always an expert available to reply to all your questions and help you with any concerns you might have.

24/7 support

We can be there for you 24/7 if needed, as we know that problems can happen day or night. With consistent monitoring, we make sure to stay proactive, discover and immediately solve any problems that could occur along the way.

Solutions tailored to your business

Every business has different needs and goals. That’s why we make sure you’ve got the right solutions in place. We’ll help your business grow by offering services tailored to your business needs. Ensuring you only invest in the solutions you really need.

IT support for businesses in every industry

Regardless of your industry, whether that’s retail, construction, law, finance, or any other vertical, our offices in Halifax offer proactive IT support for businesses across Yorkshire.

Customer-centric philosophy

We highly value our relationships with our long-standing and loyal customers. Our philosophy is to always put our customers first and provide them with comprehensive IT solutions to help their business grow.

Stay in touch, stay on top. 

Are you ready to optimise your business’ connectivity capabilities? Calder IT have the experience and expertise to deliver premium communication solutions for a cost-effective price. 

Get in touch today to discuss how we can ensure your business is better connected than ever.